Fences, Decks and Wood Structures

Tree House - Decks


Fences can serve many purposes for homeowners but can also be a beautiful feature in and around your property. There are different materials to choose from including wood, vinyl, and metal, each of which have their own characteristics and ideal applications.

Benefits of a fence:

Security: A fences can discourages trespassers and strangers from entering your property unlawfully and can also keep small children and pets from wandering off the property.

Privacy: A fence can provide privacy from neighbors.

Controlled accessibility: A fence can keep people and pets out of certain areas of the landscape such as the pool.

Aesthetically pleasing design: A fence can represent a certain style and beauty that adds to the character of the entire landscape.

Whether for security, privacy or beauty, a fence is a very important feature in any landscape.


A deck becomes an extension of your indoor rooms, creating a level, highly usable outdoor living area. It can be built out of wood or composite material, can be large or small, and one level or multi-leveled. We can recommend a type of deck and design that will suit your family and entertaining needs and show you the best location in relation to the house.

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Wood structures can be something decorative within your landscape or they can serve a number of functions. Here are a few examples of wood structures that can be constructed to enhance your outdoor living areas:

Pergolas: A pergola or arbor is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area. It is composed of vertical posts or pillars, that usually support cross beams and an open lattice. These structures can be an extension of a building or can stand independently within the landscape. Pergolas serve many purposes. They can provide a structure upon which vines can grow, offer protection from the harsh glare of the direct sun yet allow you to enjoy a gentle breeze, and add beautiful architectural detail to your landscape.

Gazebos: These freestanding structures are considered an ideal backyard getaway, a home away from home. They can be completely enclosed or open on all sides. They provide a place to write, reflect or celebrate a special occasion.

Trellis: The main purpose of a trellis is to provide a structure for plant material to climb upon. However, they can also be a beautiful focal point in your garden. Our craftsmen build some of the most stunning and interesting wood features using different styles, wood species and incorporating other materials such as mirrors and iron.

Sheds: The new generation of garden sheds comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and door configuration. It can be customized to become your own personal workshop, studio, pool house, play house, guest house, sewing room, or just a place to hide away.

Cabanas: The purpose of a cabana is to have a room near the pool in which to change, use the washroom, shower, rest, have a beverage or entertain family and friends in private. They are also an attractive way to house your pool equipment.

Wood structures have many functions and add a beautiful element to your landscape.

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