Garden Bed preparations and planting

serviceFew spaces are more calming than beautiful gardens. It is hard not to feel at peace when surrounded by plants, fountains and the sounds of nature. Whether it is formal or informal we strive to give you gardens and plant materials that are not only native to our climate but also suit your style and needs.

Things to consider when creating a garden:

  • Maintenance
  • Irrigation
  • Plant preferences
  • Style of garden: Formal, Informal
  • The shade or sun in your yard

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Before the construction of the gardens have begun, we make considerations for the irrigation to keep the gardens healthy and the lighting to showcase what you have created.

Prior to preparing your gardens we assess the health of the soil composition. If needed, we remove existing soil and replace with nutrient rich triple mix to ensure a long life for your plant material. The beds are then finished off with a generous layer of mulch in your chosen material and color.

Where possible, we catalogue your existing plants and reintroduce them into the new landscape. When choosing plant material for your garden, we start with a focal point, we then make sure that there is a balance of color and texture and we consider the blooming season of every plant so you always have flowers present. We then finish off the beds with unexpected elements such as stones or statues to add interest.

In the end what is created for you are gardens that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.