Outdoor Fireplaces

fire pits serviceNothing does a better job of anchoring an outdoor living room than a beautiful outdoor fireplace or fire pit. They continue to grow in popularity because of their romantic feel and how they invites guests to sit down, relax and enjoy life.

We help you to choose a fireplace design that fits in scale with the size of the yard and home. We will also look to the architectural details of the existing home, such as the stone, stucco or wood elements, to gain inspiration for the fireplace or pit. When considering placement we work within the zoning guidelines of your particular region to help decide the placement and height of this feature.

There are three main things to think about if you are considering an outdoor fireplace or fire pit in your own back yard:

1. Type: Would you like gas or wood burning?

2. Seating considerations: Patio areas adjacent to fireplaces should be big enough to accommodate today’s larger “deep seating” style outdoor patio furniture, but not so large that they don’t allow for some adjacent plants and flowers. Most home-owners want a couple of couch style or large lounge chairs next to their fireplace.

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Difference between Fireplace and fire pits:

Fire pits:

Fire pits have a real campfire feel about them and are ideal for entertaining group of people. Because of their low profile, they allow for 360 degrees of enjoyment and won’t block any views. They can be either wood burning or gas, give off warmth and light and provide a general feeling of relaxation.


Fireplaces add a dramatic focal point to your landscape. They can be either wood burning or gas. They also add a romantic and relaxing feel to your back yard and are ideal for smaller groups. You will get 180 degrees of enjoyment that will protect you from the wind and give off an abundance of warmth and light.