Outdoor Lighting

patio lightingOutdoor lighting is one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your landscape. It not only adds safety and beauty to your home, it also adds great resale value. We make considerations for lighting when designing your landscape so you won’t have to worry about digging up gardens and pathways afterwards to accommodate your patio lighting needs.

Benefits of landscape lighting:

Safety: Landscape lighting ensures that you and your visitors can safely navigate around the property at night. It helps to guide everyone along pathways, around the pool area, and eliminates stumbling over steps in the dark.

Usability: A properly illuminated landscape will allow for enjoyment on your decks, in and around the pool and other recreational areas well into the evening hours.

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Economy: We use energy efficient LED lighting which will allow for the same light output as incandescent however they use a fraction of the energy. Let us design a lighting plan for you that will extend the enjoyment of your landscape into the night time hours, add to your safety and highlight your investment.

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