Water Features

water features serviceWater features are extremely popular and make a great addition to any landscape. They create a feeling of peace and tranquility and can be a wonderful focal point in your back yard. Water features come in almost any size and shape. It could be something as large as a pool or as small as a bubbling rock feature.

Water Features For Your Pool

Water features that can be added to a pool include the following:

  • Water falls
  • Deck jets
  • Laminar jet
  • Sheer decent
  • Sheer rains

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But not everyone wants a pool or has the space or financial resources for one so lets look at other types of water features available.

Other Water Features for the Backyard and Garden


There are four basic types of ponds, reflecting, ornamental, water gardens and fish ponds. Each of these may be any size, shape or depth.

Reflecting Pools are designed to be decorative features usually in a garden as a central feature. They often have formal, geometric shapes with walking surfaces that overhang their edges all the way around.

Ornamental Pools are generally located near a deck or patio. They are designed around an ornamental piece like a spouting statue, a vertically cascading fountain or a bell fountain.

Water Gardens are living water features with aquatic plant life that is full of vibrant colours and textures. Plants, both inside and outside the perimeter of the pond create a lush natural setting.

Fish Ponds: Fish can be added to almost any type of water feature as long as certain life sustaining criteria are met. Gold fish and Koi are common favorites. They add a splash of colour in motion.


An almost limitless variety of shapes and sizes of fountains may be added to your water feature. The sound of water tumbling and splashing on itself combined with a refreshing mist carried by the breeze is truly invigorating.


Like fountains, waterfalls add sound, motion and vitality to your water feature. They are often created with natural stone slabs or boulders.


Streams act as natural filters. They are often designed to flow into waterfalls and cascade into a pond to help sustain the entire ecosystem of a water feature.

Let us help you choose the water feature that is right for you, your property and your budget so you can have a piece of paradise in your own back yard.